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Bitcoin Sees Highest Number of Transactions after Bitcoin Scaling Consensus

Published on 2016-02-25 10:12
It is an almost obvious fact that the number of transactions is at the center of the ongoing debates about the future of Bitcoin. Indeed, it has never been a bone of contention that the Bitcoin network needs to scale regarding the number of transactions it confirms to compete with the likes of Visa. The only question that has remained... read more »

Consensus Reached on Bitcoin Scaling; SegWit in April, Bitcoin Core Hard Fork in 2017

Published on 2016-02-21 10:02
Bitcoin miners controlling about 80 percent of the network’s hash power, Bitcoin Core developers and representatives of various enterprises within the Bitcoin ecosystem have been meeting in Hong Kong for over 18 hours to discuss the way forward for the scaling of the network. They have just announced a consensus on an array of issues. In a statement released on... read more »