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Australian Authorities Set to Auction US$12m Worth of Bitcoin

Published on 2016-05-31 10:54
The Australian law enforcement agencies are set to auction 24,518 bitcoins, worth about $12.9m at the current market price. A large part of this cache was confiscated from   Richard Pollard, who is serving an 11 year in prison sentence for commercial drug trafficking. The 20th June 2016 has been selected as the auction date, and interested parties are supposed to... read more »

Because of Block Reward Halving, KnCMiner Files for Bankruptcy

Published on 2016-05-28 16:14
The Swedish Bitcoin Mining firm KnCMiner has filed for bankruptcy. For the reason; it has pointed a finger at the anticipated halving of the Bitcoin reward sometime in July 2016. “Effectively our cost of coin – how much we produce the coins for – will be over the market price,” Sam Cole, the firm’s CEO has explained, “The price is... read more »