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Linux Foundation to Lead an Effort to Build a More Business Friendly Blockchain

Published on 2015-12-18 15:35
Several Technology companies and banking institutions have joined hands under the leadership and guidance of the Linux Foundation in the bid to build what they have described as a Blockchain without the flaws of the Bitcoin Blockchain. According to Bloomberg Business, some of the tech companies that have signed up for the Open Ledger Project include Cisco, IBM, VMware, Fujitsu... read more »

Lottoshares; a New Way to Own a Physical Lottery in the Caribbean

Published on 2015-09-26 08:36
A startup based in the Caribbean is reinventing the concept online casino ownership. Lottoshares, which was started by Michael Taggart, a founder of Della Terra LTD and Mark Lyford, CEO Banx in partnership with Fantasy SXM, is selling shares of a physical lottery based in Sint Maarten through the Blockchain. In order to manage the shares of the lottery, Lottoshares... read more »