Anonymous in BTC Casinos?

Anonymous in BTC Casinos?

A lot of people who look into using bitcoin for their gambling highly value their privacy, which includes not giving away any personal details. That being said, does that mean that the casinos won’t ask for any personal information or that they won’t get any information about you implicitly?

These are all key questions you need to ask yourself before you sign up for a casino website purporting to support bitcoin. In this section, we’ll go over the different types of information casinos might require you to provide, the information they get without you actually giving it to them, and reasons why they require it.

Casinos That are Built Around Anonymity

After the invention and introduction of bitcoin to the public in 2009-2011, people slowly picked up on the advantage of it’s strong encryption and robust security features. It wasn’t too much later when a massive number of companies were built around providing services to customers built around bitcoin and anonymity.

Bitcoin casinos represent some of the first businesses that used this technology. We’ve seen bitcoin casinos increase and proliferate more and more over the years, and nowadays, there are tens of thousands of casinos around the world that provide an excellent selection of games that are built around bitcoin.

These casinos try to maximize privacy. They don’t ask for personal details. They allow you to create accounts easily. And lastly, they allow you to gamble and enjoy casino games without much additional overhead.

This provides you with excellent protection, privacy, and safety. Although, due to the fact the businesses can’t collect almost any data on you, it is hard to provide some services and benefits. For example, some casino companies with loyalty programs might provide you with a holiday vacation — it will be almost impossible with this kind of casino.

Nevertheless, if privacy and security are your two most important issues, and you are willing to forgo some royalty programs and features, you should use one of these casinos. Otherwise, you should read on and learn more about the other kind of casino website.

Casinos That Provide BTC Payment

There are many casinos that have been established over the last 30 years that offer way more payment options than bitcoin. These casinos provide bitcoin as an alternative payment option due to how widespread it is, but they haven’t built their entire business around it.

In these cases, the websites aren’t created specifically to cater to people who want maximum privacy and don’t want to give out any details about themselves. This means when you sign up to the websites, you can expect a much more thorough process that might very well ask for your full name and address. Although this isn’t universal, it is how a lot of them operate.

This doesn’t mean you should ignore these websites. They are more diverse in nature, more secure, and offer more gambling games — this is mainly due to these websites operating for years and not being specific to bitcoin fans, which gives them a wider appeal. They also offer more services and features that bitcoin-only gambling websites don’t: legal protection, telephone customer support, loyalty programs and the like.

If you still want to use the protection provided by bitcoin and only deposit and withdraw in BTC, but you also like all these extra features and less-than-maximal privacy isn’t your top priority, you’ll greatly enjoy these types of casinos. You definitely need to check them out!

Data That Casinos Get Without You Explicitly Sharing It

You have to remember that whatever type of casino you choose, there is some data that gets transmitted without you explicitly agreeing to it:

  • Location: your location is visible to the websites you visit due to your IP. This means that the websites you’re visiting know where you are visiting from, down to the city. This can be a deal-breaker for some people.
  • Which websites you’re visiting: your internet service provider will need to share your information with the government in multiple scenarios, and this means the government will know which websites you’re using. Although there isn’t a particularly high chance of this, it isn’t totally impossible and causes some people anxiety.
  • Which browser you’re using: the specifications of your browser is known to the websites you visit, and if you’re using an outdated browser, you might be vulnerable to having your private data exposed.

To fix the first and second problems, you can use a VPN to mask your browsing data and create an additional layer of safety for yourself. This, coupled with using bitcoin casinos means safety and privacy. If you want to be secure, this is definitely the way to go.