Crypto Roulette – Automated Betting Bots

The evolution of gambling industry in recent years has been truly astounding, and the global pandemic has only accelerated its shift to the digital world. Considering the rising competition, game developers and other tech specialists are outdoing each other, trying to get people’s attention and make gambling even more enjoyable – and, more often than not, trying to make it more profitable.

Automated betting robots, often referred to as bots, are one of the latest and very controversial advancements in the world of digital gambling. But why are they controversial? Can they really help you win? And how are they useful if you want to play crypto roulette?

Approaching a new trend like that, with skepticism, is never a bad idea – especially since we are talking about gambling. So, let’s take a look at the whole idea behind automated betting bots and try to figure out if they deserve your attention.

We answer some of the most pressing questions below.

What Are Automated Betting Bots?

Automated betting bots are software programs that can be used for any casino game but they work best for those with any element of randomness in it, whether it’s all about pure luck or you’re competing against multiple opponents.

An automated robot uses your chosen online casino’s API (Application Programming Interface) to place bets in a completely automated way. You’ll be able to select the bot’s specific parameters, including the wagering limits, coin value and the minimum payout. You can even choose a strategy or a system for the bot to follow while placing bets.

Since the betting is completely automated and all your instructions are being followed by the software itself, you can spin the wheel or roll the dice as much as you want while your bot is working. 

Most importantly, working with an automated betting bot allows you to avoid human mistakes that can be caused by fatigue, emotions, or some distraction. 

Bots might also work and place bets for you when you’re too busy to play by yourself, working, performing chores, or spending time with friends or family. As such, in theory, you might be going about your day while your bot is working for you, making you a profit without your intervention.

As you can see, it might be of immense help if you enjoy roulette online. However, that’s the dream theory, and the reality might look a bit different. Once you decide you want to use an automated betting bot for your next roulette game, you will quickly see that it’s a tricky business.

How to Use Automated Betting Bots for Crypto Roulette

Using a bot for cryptocurrency roulette is not much different from using one to play at a traditional online casino. As mentioned above, an automated betting bot makes a lot of sense for games where pure luck is involved. The purpose of placing a bet on these games is simply to hope for a positive outcome – and that’s exactly what you can do with a crypto roulette bot (or any other betting bot for that matter).

All you need to do is find a trustworthy, reliable bot and see what casinos it supports. Then, look for a suitable gambling platform among them, preferably one with a solid reputation and wide selection of games, and make your way to the site. You’ll have to create an account and enter your information. Once you’re ready, you can download the app and install it wherever you want on your desktop or laptop computer, or, in many cases, on your tablet or smartphone as well.

When you play crypto roulette, your progress is continuously monitored by your online bot, which places bets based on your instructions or the strategy you’ve chosen to follow. If you’re using a system based on martingale or double-up bets, you’ll place additional bets once your original one loses. If you’re using a more advanced strategy that relies on statistical information about the game, your bet and winnings will be determined by previous results for which a betting bot was used.

Examples of Automated Betting Bots for Roulette

#1 Da-Vinci Roulette Bot

The Da-Vinci Roulette Bot has been designed to analyze the Random Number Generator used by a particular casino and recognize game patterns to come up with effective and precise strategies. The software considers number history, wagers, and your individual bankroll to adjust the strategy accordingly.

By analyzing their RNG, this automated roulette bot supports more than 35 online casinos, which is an incredibly large number compared to other such programs. It also allows you to alter the settings and betting systems to your own liking and preferences; plus, you may set up your play time, profit goal, minimum wager, and play balance. Then, the bot will play them automatically, potentially winning you money on auto-pilot. 

If you don’t have much knowledge yet, there’s also a default system that will make the choices for you. What’s great is the Stop Loss / Trailing Stop Loss feature that can prevent you from losing too much money.

It’s worth noting that the software offers a practice mode, so that you can try it out before wagering with your own money. It’s certainly a valuable opportunity that will help you asses the program’s relevance and accuracy.

And you know what? This automated betting bot for roulette is entirely free.

#2 Roulette Bot Pro

The Roulette Bot Pro is an automated betting software that allows you to to develop your own betting systems. With its help, you can gather all the relevant data, such as your betting history and bankroll, or number history, in one place to analyze it and adjust your betting strategies. The software allows you to test them in the test mode or the RNG simulator, which gives you an opportunity to refine your system without risking your hard-earned money. 

It supports 10 casino gaming platforms, several betting systems, a variety of betting modes (e.g., automatic, semi-automatic, or manual), and a wide range of useful features, including customizable stop loss and trailing loss to help you protect your money as well as profit target.

This program can spin up to 150 times per minute, provide you with relevant graphs for data analysis, and enable automatic play even for live casinos, which is not easy to come by with automated bots in general.

As of now, the software costs $97, but you get three days of trial period, so that you can see if you’re actually interested in investing your money. You also get a chance to activate the robot on two different devices.

#3 Roulette Assault

The Roulette Assault automated betting bot is a software program that costs a little less than $50 and allows you to play at 4 different gambling platforms. It’s reliable, as it will play for you without crashing, though like any other such robot, it can’t guarantee you anything.

Once again, it offers you a valuable testing mode with an unlimited number of free spins for any Playtech casino where people play for real money. The software will collect all the numbers and data for you to analyze it later and correct your strategy if needed. Once you’re ready, you can start betting with money, but there’s no rush.

It’s a bit less flexible than previous options, as in the test mode, it doesn’t allow you to analyze your own ideas and strategies along with the gathered data.

It’s meticulously designed, though, but very easy to use, so you can experiment with it regardless of your knowledge, skills, or experience.

Even though it’s a paid tool, you get a 2-day trial period to make an informed decision whether to purchase it or not.

Automated Betting Bots: Potential Benefits

One of the main advantages of automated betting bots is that they don’t require you to have any special skills, knowledge or experience. Since the algorithm that the bot uses to place the bets, the system or strategy are completely up to you, you can just set them up to work as you like, using your own skill and knowledge. Moreover, they are simply straightforward to get your head around and start using; you don’t need to be particularly tech-savvy to take advantage of the software.

The obvious benefit would be the fact that such a bot can play for you even when you’re asleep or otherwise busy. All you need to do is determine the risk level you’re comfortable with. This can then be used to place bets for you for as long as you wish without even having to pick up your smartphone or open a laptop.

What’s more, automated bots can prevent human errors and bias. While a human might be tempted to choose a certain option based on emotion or fuzzy thinking, an automated software will never make such a mistake. It also doesn’t get frustrated, angry, or too eager to keep playing when it’s time to take a break. You can be sure that the bot will apply your chosen strategy or system to the letter, and do it as many times as you want. It might be especially useful to those who have problems with taking a step back or chasing losses.

Automated betting bots are also extremely useful for games with a lot of moving parts, where it’s hard to follow all the variables at once. As such, they seem like a much more effective tool than regular players. Due to their algorithms and strategies, they can analyze the situation better and decide on the next best course of action based on the changing variables within a game. This can prove very beneficial to the user, providing that you’re working with reliable, trustworthy software.

Last but not least, you can use multiple bots to play for you in different casinos, maximizing your chances of winning. However, make sure you manage your budget well, as it’s not difficult to get lost and put your financial stability at risk.

Automated Betting Robots: Potential Problems

While, in theory, automated betting bots sound amazing, you might think that they also sound too good to be true, and you might be right in some aspects. There are a few reasons why you might want to be cautious about trusting betting bots.

As the popularity of betting bots has increased, so has the number of attempts to both create and stop them. As a matter of fact, online casinos are putting a lot of effort into detecting, blocking and banning bots. So, when you’re running an automated bot, there’s always a risk that you might be identified as a cheater, your winnings will be confiscated by the casino, and your account blocked.

Moreover, a regular gambler has no way of knowing how their chosen bot actually works. As such, you can’t say if it’s actually working in your favor, whether it’s rigged in favor of the casino or some third party, or if it’s even working at all, as it might simply be poorly designed, and you won’t realize until you’ve already lost your hard-earned money.

Finally, there are no sure things in betting. Many experts have lost their bankrolls believing that they found a golden system or a key to roulette winning. In reality, roulette is not that simple, so it might be better to spend your time playing the game as you want and spending your money as you earn it. If you want to win big, you have to keep playing and learning, not just expect a bot to do the job for you.

The Bottom Line

If you’re eager to use automated betting bots, make sure you do your research, though, and vet your chosen service carefully before picking it for your trusted software. Start by reading some reviews on trustworthy websites, then take your time to thoroughly test products before making large investments. If you’re satisfied with what you learn, go ahead and start using it while keeping your eyes peeled for potential dangers.

While they can be very useful, you should always realize that they are not magical bullets that can predict the future and make you rich overnight. Even if a bot is working in your favor, you should set a stop loss, so that you don’t lose more than you planned to. Most experts advise to treat automated betting bots more like testing tools for adjusting your strategies, than as actual betting agents.

Last but not least, make sure you carefully study the terms and conditions of your chosen bot as well as those of the casino site it uses. These documents are usually available for download on the platform’s website.

Working with an automated betting bot sounds like a dream come true for many online casino gamers – but try to avoid the risks associated with them and always make sure that it is not a scam, so that you can enjoy it without worrying too much about losing too much money. Good luck!


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