FortuneJack casino, one of the first bitcoin casinos, was launched in 2014 by Nexus Group, and it’s also the hottest bitcoin casino right now. If you want to try your luck at this online casino and enjoy their blackjack game, then take a look at our review of FortuneJack which charts out all the strengths of the casino, from its bonus offer through its quality customer service.

Why Should You Play Blackjack on Fortunejack

The Bonuses Offered by FortuneJack Casino

Gamblers care about the bonuses they get when they try out a new casino, no matter which game they choose. So let’s start our FortuneJack casino review with a presentation of the various bonuses that are offered to you on this platform. The FortuneJack casino welcome bonus will not leave you disappointed. You’ll get 25 free spins without deposit and that is as soon as you register with the casino – it’s a great registration bonus. You’ll also geta bonus totaling 5 BTC and 250 free spins which are structured like this:

During your first deposit, you will have a 110% bonus up to 1.5 BTC and a minimum deposit of 0.002 BTC. But if you deposit 0.05 BTC, you will also get 250 free spins which will be added to this offer;

  • on your second deposit, you will get a 50% boost on a limit of 1 BTC;
  • on your third payment, the offer is 50% up to 1 BTC;
  • on your fourth deposit, you will have 100% up to 1.5 BTC.

Although the free spins aren’t relevant to the blackjack games, the bonuses on the deposits are! They’ll allow you to fully enjoy the blackjack games on the website and experiment with different blackjack games without spending any real money!

Payment/Withdrawal Methods to Use at FortuneJack Casino

FortuneJack, which is a 100% crypto casino, offers you the option to use many cryptocurrencies for your transactions on the casino including: Ether, Bitcoin, Trunk, Litecoin, and Monero. These are some of the most widely used cryptocurrencies out there making up the bulk of the market, which means that depositing and withdrawing money from this casino should be fairly easy and straightforward as you won’t need to create a wallet or exchange your cryptocurrencies to accommodate only this casino.

Furthermore, what is advantageous with transactions via virtual currencies is that deposits are made instantaneously and FortuneJack goes out of its way to ensure the same is true about its withdrawals. Provided that your account is verified beforehand, you can withdraw the money instantaneously. This makes for fun and secure gambling as you can get your hands on your winnings without waiting.

FortuneJack Casino Security

You should always associate cryptocurrency with anonymity and safe transactions. You are sure to have all the security necessary for the protection of your financial and personal data on the FortuneJack casino. Also, this protection is heightened by the fact that FortuneJack Casino holds a license from Curacao, which makes it legally accountable. If you’re looking into bitcoin blackjack games and you are interested in privacy and anonymity, then Fortunejack will deliver.

Blackjack – A Brief Description

Contrary to what one can see affirmed here and there, to play blackjack, you do not need to master the rules of it, especially if it is to play in an online casino on a helpful site with clear instructions such as Fortunejack.

Winning is a great feeling for any gambling game – this is why blackjack remains one of the most popular games not only online but also in brick-and-mortar casinos. This game is considered one of the most profitable as it gives you one of the best odds in almost all casinos. To describe the game in one sentence: when you play blackjack, you aim to reach 21.

Explanations: each card corresponds to a value and the score of your cards must not exceed 21. Each player plays against the house. As with every card game, there is a strategy to this game. Strategies have developed around this game to beat the house.

Basic Blackjack Tips to Help You Win the Game

Manage Your Bets Well

As in any casino game, any money wagered on blackjack can be lost forever. The best strategy, therefore, consists of good management of the stakes. This is essential. You have to learn how to manage your money as well as possible ways to chain the victories. This is the big difference between a pro player and a player who plays for fun.

A pro player will carefully consider each chip he wagers. The casual player, on the other hand, although he arrives with a pile of chips at the start often leaves empty-handed at the end of the night. The reason is, they just let their emotions get the better of them.

So, you might be asking yourself, how to properly manage your blackjack chips? It’s very simple. Limit your bets! Never go over 10% of your chips. If you feel confident, you can slightly exceed this threshold. But this must remain an exception. It is always better to see your chips increase gradually, even if it is slower than to see everything suddenly disappear.

Master the Game and its Possibilities

Only a fool would venture to bet real money in a game that they don’t understand. All professional blackjack players started as novices. But if they got where they are now, it is surely thanks to a perfect mastery of the game and its various possibilities. If you want to maximize your chances of winning at blackjack, start by reading all the information you can find about this game. Go beyond what anyone can learn. Learn about the rules, strategies. Visit forums. Get advice from the pros. Some online casinos provide the opportunity to interact with the pros who are members of their platform — sadly, Fortunejack isn’t one of them. The more you know the rules and recommended strategies of the game, the better your odds get.

Learn Basic Blackjack Strategy

There are many strategies to maximize your chances of winning at blackjack, but the basic strategy is essential. As the name suggests, this is the method that every player should know and apply to win at blackjack. You can find a table summarizing all the scenarios one can come across in a game of blackjack and how to deal with them. It’s not illegal to use this “cheat sheet” – in fact, most brick-and-mortar casinos hand them out like postcards. With Basic Strategy, you can determine when to draw a card, when to stand, or when to split.

Never Take Insurance

Never take insurance. This is one of the biggest actionable tips from professional blackjack players. Insurance is an option the player can choose when the dealer has an Ace showing. This option allows them to bet half of their stake. If the dealer gets a blackjack, the player wins double their insurance, which is the amount of their bet. So, in the end, they don’t lose any money. If the dealer does not get a blackjack, the player loses their insurance. Even if it is very tempting, this option is not recommended as the house has a massive statistical advantage in it. You have to be a good card counter to ever make use of insurance, and this is impossible in online blackjack, unless you’re playing live blackjack.