Lightning Roulette is an online roulette gambling site aimed at cryptocurrency enthusiasts and those who want to become professional gamblers. It offers a wide range of different roulette options and offers both payment and cash out in bitcoin, ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies.

About Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette was founded in 2020 and has a public repository on Github, which is something we’ll touch on later.. Although the casino is relatively young, its minimalistic design, reliability, and easy to understand features make it a potential major player in the cryptocurrency casino market. To achieve this goal, Lightning Roulette is currently focusing on comprehensive promotions, low game buy-ins, a very simple and clear user interface, and attractive game bonuses that benefit players.

Let’s go over the rules of roulette, winning tips and strategies, reasons why bitcoin casinos are more trustworthy, and why the very fact that this casino is open source makes it just as transparent and reliable as the big players in the business.

What is Roulette – A Simple History of the Game

Roulette is, by definition, a must-have game in any casino. It is a simple and exciting game where even a beginner can quickly learn to enjoy it, although it might seem complicated to an outsider.

There are many legends of where the game comes from. Legend has it that a Frenchman called François Blanc made a pact with the devil to obtain all the secrets of a game called “roulette”. Fun fact, when we add all the numbers of a roulette table we get 666.

Another, more accurate version, attributes the origin of this game to another Frenchman, Blaise Pascal (yup, the Pascal of the triangle fame). He was on a quest to invent a perpetual motion machine – and he invented the roulette wheel. In French, Roulette means “little wheel” – although his quest for infinite energy ultimately failed, his invention was used to create the classic gambling game, which has captured the world’s hearts ever since.

Traditional roulette actually appeared in the 18th century when it was a popular distraction for aristocrats from all continents. The game of roulette has always been played in sumptuously decorated places, in an exclusive atmosphere. Faithful to this tradition, most contemporary casinos have also fitted out rooms specially designed to welcome players in the same atmosphere – especially since roulette tables are where most of the high-stakes games take place. The large chandeliers and the deep carpets are there to give a real feeling of luxury in the purest aristocratic tradition.

In an online casino, they try to keep the player in the same state of mind, and this is true for Lightning Roulette too. The most advanced technologies are used to bring sparkle and luxury to the gaming rooms. The graphics of the interfaces are neater and neater and give real feelings of luxury. Some virtual casinos go so far as to offer live dealers who can be observed through a webcam. This has an important psychological effect on the player who finds himself totally immersed in the atmosphere and fully enjoying himself. The only difference is – since an online casino doesn’t have to pay for the expensive floor space that can hold a large roulette table, you don’t have to worry about expensive buy-in costs.

This is true for Lightning Roulette as well. It has a custom color palette option, high-fidelity assets, and excellent animation giving you the experience of watching the roulette wheel spin in person. It’s the perfect gambling experience for gambling pros, and for those just trying out their luck in roulette.

What is Open Source Software and Why is it More Trustworthy for Gambling at Lightning Roulette?

Lightning Roulette is an open-source roulette website, which might mean nothing to you if you don’t know what open source software is – but once you learn, you’ll see how impressive it is.

What is Open Source Software?

Open Source Software is software where the source code that is open for anyone to read, modify, or redistribute. However, it differs from free software because it’s geared more towards collaborative development that enables transparency. You can easily see and check the inner workings of an open-source program and see what makes it tick.

What are the Advantages of Open Source Software?

  • Free software distribution
  • Source code is accessible
  • Derivatives are allowed
  • You cannot restrict access to the source code
  • No discrimination – everyone has the same access to the code
  • No discrimination in the inner workings of the application

These benefits are not all relevant to Lightning Roulette and shouldn’t factor into your decision to use it or not, but some of them do. The fact that the source code is accessible and can be checked means you’re secure and safe from fraud. You can be sure of what exactly you’re getting. This is quite revolutionary and different from other online casinos, where you have to trust that the random number generator algorithms are working correctly.

Why Bitcoin? What are the Advantages of Bitcoin? Why is Lightning Roulette Using It?

Conceived as an alternative to currencies framed by central banks and to traditional markets, cryptocurrencies are now inviting themselves into the strategies of companies and banking networks. Bitcoin is the very first virtual currency, created in 2009 by an anonymous programmer (or a group of programmers) known only by the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto. Even if we didn’t really know who was behind this currency, we do know the origin of its name. This comes from “bit” – a unit of measurement in computer science – and “coin”.

It is electronic money (no notes or coins issued) that is based on a decentralized computer network. That is, it does not depend on a body such as a central bank to control the flow and the supply of the currency – as is the case with the euro or the dollar and the rest of the currencies circulating in the world. Bitcoin is based on a computer network where each of the users will play the role of both server and client. This is called a peer-to-peer (or P2P) system.

The technicalities behind the currency are really complicated, but its advantages are much clearer:

The Security and Reliability of the Currency

The system on which Bitcoin is based allows it to carry out encrypted and tamper-proof transactions, which makes it a very secure monetary system for users. On the blockchain, if we want to modify a transaction, it will have to be changed at the same time on all the computers in the network, which is simply impossible to do. One of the advantages of this system is that the transactions are completely final and untrackable.


The other benefit that many users find is that it is also anonymous: you can make a purchase without our name, email, or address showing. It is also for this reason that in its early years, bitcoin certainly attracted technology enthusiasts and bankers, but also traffickers (drugs, weapons, etc.). Recent court cases show, however, that the privacy offered by this currency is relative, as buyers or sellers can be identified especially when funds are transferred or converted. But it certainly provides an additional layer of protection over the alternative.

An Expanding Network

At first, bitcoin was mainly used on private websites and the dark web, but this virtual currency is now accepted by a lot of online stores and service vendors like Uber or Doordash – it’s safe to say that it’s mainstream now. Likewise, cryptocurrencies are increasingly used by companies seeking financing, as an alternative to the stock market. Nowadays, most casino websites also use bitcoin, and the website we’re reviewing now is just one of them.

In early August, the bitcoin community announced the birth of a new cryptocurrency: bitcoin cash. It derives from the same code as bitcoin but some modifications have been made to it to make it more efficient.

The Rules of Roulette Games at Lightning Roulette

Let’s start by presenting the different table styles. There are two different roulette table set ups. American roulette with its “0” and “00” pockets and English roulette with only one “0” pocket. European roulette is more popular outside the US – it also has better odds of winning, since the probability of a ball landing on one “0” pocket instead of two is lower. Your odds are better and the payout is better – Lightning Roulette table uses the better-odds European roulette style.

The roulette table at Lightning Roulette consists of 37 numbers divided into 3 columns of 12 numbers, 1 through 36. The “0” is placed at the top of the mat across the width of the 3 columns.

When looking at the numbers and betting sequences on the roulette table, it all might seem a bit complicated – but don’t worry – it’s not as complicated as it looks.

There are two types of bets you can make here. Outside bets and inside bets. The inside bets include all the numbers in the large box. The rule is simple – if the ball lands in the pocket that corresponds to the number you placed your chips on, you win. There are several variations to placing inside bets. You can actually place as many bets as you want on any number of fields that you want. But remember – only one number will win. The odds for inside bets are lower than for outside bets.

Outside bets give you a choice of two – red or black, even or odd – and so forth. This is a great option for beginners and those who feel unsure or shy about betting in roulette. It’s a great way to warm up!

Don’t forget that you can place both inside bets and outside bets during a betting session. Read on about the odds of these bets here:

Types of Bets:

Inside Bets

These are bets placed inside the 36 numbers on the board.

Straight Up
This is betting on a single number. This bet will earn you 35 times your bet. So if you bet 1 € on the number four and it comes out, you will receive 36 € (1 € stake + 35×1 €).
This is when you bet on 2 numbers. The bet is placed between two numbers on the dividing line. This bet will earn you 17 times your bet.
It is betting on 3 numbers. The bet is placed at the end of a line of three numbers. This bet will earn you 11 times your bet.
It is about betting on 4 numbers. The bet is placed in the middle of four numbers. This bet will earn you 8 times your bet. For example, you can bet on the numbers 1,2,4, and 5.
It is about betting on 6 numbers. The bet is placed after two lines of three numbers. this bet will earn you 5 times your bet. For example, you can bet on the numbers 1,2,3,4,5 and 6.

Outside Bets

These are bets placed outside the 36 numbers on the board.

Red/Black — Odd/Even — High/Low
It is about betting on half of the numbers except zero.

  • Half of the numbers are red, the other half is black.
  • Half of the numbers are even, the other half is odd.
  • Half of the numbers are between 1 and 18, the other half from 19 to 36

The bet is placed directly on the desired box. this bet will earn you twice your bet. Note that you are playing on a board with 37 (English roulette “0”) numbers so you have less than a 50% chance of winning. The game is in the casino’s favor.

It is about betting on 12 numbers on each column. The board is divided into 3 columns:

  • 1st column: 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 25, 28, 31, 34.
  • 2nd column: 2, 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, 20, 23, 26, 29, 32, 35.
  • 3rd column: 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 28, 33, 36.

The bet is placed directly on the desired column. This bet will earn you twice your bet. For example, you can bet on the 12 numbers 1, 4, 7, 10, 13 ….. by positioning our bet on the 1st Column.