Mobile and Online Games Part of Neucoin’s Strategy


Dan Kaufman, who is a co-founder of NeuCoin, has disclosed that online gaming, especially through handheld devices, is at the center of their business strategy. This falls perfectly within Neucoin’s design, which is geared towards enabling and facilitating online micropayments.

NeuCoin, a Proof Of Stake (POS) altcoin forked from Peercoin, officially launched on the 23rd of September 2015 and made its coins can now be bought with bitcoins from Bittrex and Cryptsy exchanges. The management has however confirmed that it will be available in more exchanges in the coming weeks.

Gamers as the user base

Dan Kaufman has told Bitcoin magazine that the project views gamers as the user base that will be leveraged to extend NeuCoin’s adoption. Therefore, in recognition of that fact and as a priority, it is developing solutions that are specifically targeted at gamers online and especially those on mobile phones.

Kaufman has declared that, “The first NeuCoin-integrated game, coming very soon, is based on one of the most popular card games in the world and will show how to engage users by letting them earn a few NeuCoins for playing, then using them to level up or challenge their friends.”

Players can earn Neucoins

He has also explained how the coin will function in the system, “Instead of having to pay 5 bucks to buy ‘in-game tokens,’ which is the way most games monetize, the player actually wins NeuCoins.”

Even though Neucoin has just launched it has been long in the making and has involved many stakeholders. The project was able to raise $2.25 million from several investors as well as engage many developers as an open source project.

In line with its objective of enabling micropayments online, it has already signed partnerships with a number of content distribution websites, including game publishers.

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