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SugarPop Bitcoin Slot Review

SugarPop bitcoin slot is a mobile slot, which is colorful and is able to attract users because of the pops of colors. SugarPop is Betsoft game and is like the popular Candy Crush game, but has a few notable differences that will keep bringing you back to this casino game.

SugarPop is not really suited for die hard slot players, especially if you like the 9 pay lines across 5 reels. When you play SugarPop it will feel like there are no pay lines or there are hundreds of them.

The game is on a 5 by 5 squares and glass candies will pop when three or more of the same type of candy is adjacent to each other in any direction. The candies each have their own value and when they pop you will get this value.

Once you start playing SugarPop it is easier then what you might think and there are various bonuses, which you will need to know, to fully appreciate the game. The higher levels will have other special candy symbols that will give you more and larger wins.

You will get from level 1 to level 8 pretty quickly and then it will start to slow down a bit. It will take about 500 spins in order to get to level 12, but you will only pay for about 100 of these spins.

SugarPop has the feeling of a game more than a slot. You will have to clear patterns; there is a game score and a level score. There is also a level meter that fills up and you will be able to unlock candies and different lands. It is rare that you will feel like you are winning large amounts of cash, but it can be profitable.

Also Betsoft have said that they will keep releasing levels, so that your candy adventure caries on. At the moment there are 5 worlds and 30 levels.

So what are the bonuses for SugarPop?

1. All ways pay – every symbol is worth a value when they pop. You will need to get 3 or matching candies that are adjacent to one another anywhere on the reels and the pattern can be anything. You are able to make patterns from three to 25.

2. Cascading Reels – when there is a win the candies will pop, disappear and more symbols will come from above.

3. Super Color – when you create a combination of 4 or more a 2x symbol multiplier will appear. The combination is multiplied if you are able to pop it before your next spin.

4. Color Bomb – when you burst 5 or more in a combination then a bomb of this color will appear. If it used by the cascading symbols on top then every symbol of the same color will pop. This is not greatly effective as by then most are already gone.

5. Lollipop Candy: Level 1 and up – if one of these appears it will swirl around and give you a second go. This does appear frequently and serves as a replacement to free spin bonuses.

6. Caramel Chew: Level 2 and up – the chew will take a random path from where it begins and will destroy candies along the way so that more candies descend.

7. White Chocolate: Level 4 and up – this is a chocolate square that will shoot out almonds anywhere on the screen and will explode candies giving you more chance to win.

8. Gumdrop: Level 6 and up – this sucks up the candies.

9. Jawbreaker: Level 8 and up – this will destroy four to six candies randomly

10. Candy Cane: Level 10 and up – this explodes all the candies on the same row and column.

11. Jelly Beans: Level 12 and up – this explodes into wins and takes out up to 3 candies on the reels.

12. Chocolate Square: Level 15 and up – the 3 by 3 square around the chocolate will be exploded so that more candies can fill the space.

13. Cotton Candy: Level 20 and up – cotton candy comes in a tornado and sweeps up quite a few candies for a big win.

14. Peanut Butter Cup: Level 21 and up – peanut butter will be squirted onto random candies and will turn them into the same color and swirl the candy around to create winning combos.

These bonuses do seem pretty random though and will fall in the game it seems at random times. With SugarPop bitcoin slot your cash never seems to go down that much so it will keep you playing – so try it with bitcoins today!

SugarPop Slot info

Wild-Symbol: There are wild symbols so to speak as each level have their own symbol feature.

Scatter-Symbol: None

Freispiele: There are no free spins, but there is a second turn feature.

Bonusrunde: None

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